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How To Combine Freelancer Writing Job With A Main One

Doing a freelance writing job while you are doing a full-time job can be tricky as it sometimes becomes a problem to balance the two. Both jobs at the end of the day are jobs where you have deadlines and you are answerable to the other. Ignoring one for the other or missing deadlines of one for another can be detrimental to one of them for sure and sometimes both.

If you are wanting to do both together there are some basic things you need to keep in mind. Apart from the work etiquette, you should try and work with a reputed company for your freelancing writing jobs online. With such companies you can tie up with as they ensure good quality work and help you manage work and deadlines.


It is best if you tell both your employers about the other job you do. This also helps them to understand your situation sometimes and if there is some of a non-compete clause you will be able to make a sensible choice at the right time, rather than getting into a problem later. If you are in diverse fields, still being frank is a good strategy as it avoids unnecessary complications.

Enjoy your Work

If you are wanting to balance two jobs, you have to definitely love what you do. If you do not enjoy your work, there will be a lot of difficulty in balancing both the jobs. You will lack the driving force and will not get success in either. Managing two jobs is not easy and thus, the zest to work needs to be there. When you enjoy doing something, it is natural to excel at it and do your best.

Manage your time

If you work with a freelancing working company like www.123writingjobs.com or your full-time job, both the jobs come with strict deadlines. You need to work out proper schedules and ensure that you deliver all tasks on time. Missing deadlines in either of the jobs will result in you losing your credibility. The full-time job definitely will have more strict deadlines, and thus, you should accordingly work on the freelancing work.


You will need a 100% focus and full dedication to balance two jobs. If you are consistent in delivering good quality work at your work place, they will definitely be supportive of your part time work. If you put in the effort and time, you will be able to deliver good work and will help you excel at both the places. Sometimes writing a paper on academic topics after a full hard day at work can be tedious, but you need to keep the motivation to be able to do good work.

Finding a freelance job is not difficult these days. With amazing websites like www.123writingjobs.com you can get many jobs. This is an academic writing jobs website and besides this you will find other freelance writing jobs as well. Stay focused and motivated, and it will be easy for you to find and excel at both your freelance writing job and your full-time job.