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Top college essay topics you should avoid

As a finalist, you will often encounter lots of pressures when submitting or working on college tasks. However, you will keep working while keeping in mind that there is only a year away. It should not detect your hastiness in picking out the areas of study you should research. Right from submitting transcripts., essay portions, and other common assignments, you should keep considering the best topics to consider. So far, you will have covered a range of critical areas, and you need to have an extensive understanding of what you need to write about in your entire essay.

However, discovering the best topics to include in your college essays is a demanding task. It requires that you have a proper understanding of the issues you need to avoid. If you understand the topics you need to avoid, you have a more significant potential to discover the best topics you need to avoid.  Well, competing with a group of sharp students requires that you dive right into understanding the topics you should avoid. It's because such topics act as a letdown and can reduce your scores significantly. Let us dive right into the very topics you should avoid when writing college essays.

  • "I have the potential of being in this college."

Most college essays have ceased from querying students to craft some reasons to be accepted into institutions. That is the luckier section of it. Perhaps, if most colleges could have continued using such an approach, students' more significant potential is coming up with similar stale answers. It is essential to avoid stale responses that verify why you find a given college to be a perfect match. Don't seem too robotic to avoid being on the waitlist. It is because college essays are among the liveliest sections of the application. In your writing, all you need is to be specific and clear.

  • "I need to help others."

It is fair to center your essay towards helping others. However, it isn't an original motivator though we don't discourage you from abandoning the feelings. Usually, everyone will have the desire to help others, and therefore such a topic shouldn't be a great deal. The most excellent way to get about it is to personalize it as much as possible while avoiding vagueness and being generic. The major point is to establish a clear vision of helping others. In your vision, ensure to express some passion. 

  • "I learned the importance of various activities through extracurricular activities.

Well, extracurricular activities are vital. But it is essential to understand that they depict interest out of academics. Juggling between academics and other commitments is a huge milestone that demands a lot. It is critical to realize that focusing much on extracurricular activities as more important in your journey can make your essay more generic. However, much of your extracurricular activities play a more significant role in your academics, always try to minimize defining yourself in a typical way.

  • "My greater struggle makes me a better student."

Always understand that admission officers can lose interest in your essay if you focus much on struggles and complaints with no solutions. Always strive to emphasize how your past mistakes or struggles helped you achieve your most meaningful goals.  


Generally, colleges need to get precise and critical topics. Avoid the four and find your college essay easier and simpler.